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2019 Updates

2018 was a hell of a year good and BAD but we all made it but also learned a lot. With that being said I have a small project coming very soon!

One track is giving me issues which is why I didn’t release it on the first, whether or not if I can fix it or not I’m still dropping it. 2019 is the year of fuck it! I’d rather be consistent verses not releasing anything. So be on the look out for "Lost In Vegas" via all streaming services as well as on my site.

MAJOR NEWS: I’m going to have my beat store up and running by the end of next months so you can start purchasing my tracks for your mixtapes, albums, videos, or whatever you’d like to do with them. 2019 is the year I’m giving my production to the world, It’s gonna be a hell of a ride and I hope you guys are ready!



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Best store coming soon!

Today was one for the record books, I got up at 6 am to begin working on my best store. I mixed seven songs and packaged them up, it was more challenging than expected. I mixed the songs, exported the


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